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My business online – argh – get me out of here!

Social media – where does a small business owner start?

You want everything to be simple. But how much time or knowledge do you have to deal with online marketing.  You know you have to “do social media” to be successful, but really don’t want to have to deal with it.

You know you and your clients need an online connection. Ignoring social media doesn’t mean it ceases to exist, or doesn’t affect you. You most likely need a social media game plan, and maybe a part-time social media manager who you can trust to help you create an online presence and maintain it so you don’t have to deal with it – or can have minimal input.

You worry about going online. You’ve heard a horror story about a business that got a bad review. You panic when they think about having to deal with anything internet related.

And you don’t want a junior having a big impact on your brand’s online presence.

If this is the case. Talk to Ki Media. Simple, effective solutions for small business.

My profile is horrible!

Need to set up social profiles such as:

  • Facebook Pages;
  • Twitter Accounts;
  • LinkedIn Profiles;
  • Google Accounts;
  • YouTube Channels;
  • Pinterest Boards.

You may have some profiles already and just want them “fixed” so they appear professional; or you may need completely new pages and accounts set up.

Creating an audience on each platform:

  • Likes on Facebook;
  • Followers on Twitter;
  • Connections on LinkedIn;
  • Circles on Google +;
  • Subscribers on YouTube;
  • Followers on Pinterest.

How does this assist your business? They may not all be relevant to your business. There are simple solutions to manage them.

Talk to us to establish which is the right fit for your business.

Doing social media “right”

Larger companies that are doing the social media thing “right”:

  • Ford;
  • Zappos;
  • Old Spice;
  • Burger King;
  • Pepsi;
  • Volkswagen;
  • Ikea;
  • Smirnoff;
  • Cadbury;
  • BMW.

These companies jumped on the social media train early, and have been reaping the rewards ever since, with increased brand recognition, increased sales, and increased consumer engagement.

It might be worth checking out their profiles to see what works and what doesn’t.

On-line presence lagging behind?

Want to get an edge in your industry?

The industries that have been a slower to get into social media include less “sexy” fields, like machine related industries (including large equipment manufacturers, efficiency companies and industrial operations), niches that traditionally depended on a firm owner’s personal reputation (such as executive recruiters, lawyers or consultants) and small family owned businesses that depend mainly on local custom.

According to multiple surveys and reports, most businesses with an advertising or marketing budget are planning to divert as much as half of that budget into social media over the next 3 years.

Want to claim your market share?  Talk to the team at Ki Media.

Build it – then leave it?

One of the most important duties of a social media manager is to ensure business builds and fosters good relationships with your customers on social media sites. If someone posts a complaint on your Facebook page, you need to be quick to respond. And you need to respond in a way that is appropriate to your business culture.  Don’t build it – then leave it. That’s when problems arise.