My business online – argh – get me out of here!

My business online – argh – get me out of here!

Social media – where does a small business owner start?

You want everything to be simple. But how much time or knowledge do you have to deal with online marketing.  You know you have to “do social media” to be successful, but really don’t want to have to deal with it.

You know you and your clients need an online connection. Ignoring social media doesn’t mean it ceases to exist, or doesn’t affect you. You most likely need a social media game plan, and maybe a part-time social media manager who you can trust to help you create an online presence and maintain it so you don’t have to deal with it – or can have minimal input.

You worry about going online. You’ve heard a horror story about a business that got a bad review. You panic when they think about having to deal with anything internet related.

And you don’t want a junior having a big impact on your brand’s online presence.

If this is the case. Talk to Ki Media. Simple, effective solutions for small business.

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