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Meet the dedicated team at Ki Media, committed to making your business more visible, connected, and growth-focused. Our mission is to build value in all aspects of your operations. Led by Kate Ingham, who brings a rich background in the film industry, government, and innovation advisory, Ki Media offers strategic financial solutions for businesses, government, and creative projects. Kira Sweet, our digital strategy expert, excels at turning engaging social media content into real sales results. Together, we deliver tailored strategies to drive your business forward. Discover how our expertise can elevate your business.
Kate Ingham Business funding Australia

Kate Ingham

Kate has a background in the film industry, government and innovation advisory. She established Ki Media to offer path to money solutions for business, government and creative projects. 

Kira Sweet

Kira Sweet

I’m Kira, and I’m all about crafting effective digital strategies that seamlessly transform engaging social media content into tangible sales results.

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