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Kate Ingham

Managing Director.  Kate has a background in the film industry, government and innovation advisory.  She established Ki Media to offer path to money solutions for business, government and creative projects.  She is a specialist in grants, tenders and equity capital raising – including the pitch preparation and documentation required. Recent clients include a Telco,  Rights Management Company, Fund Manager, Council and International Marketing & Coaching company.  Kate is a trusted partner to deliver projects as required.  She draws on her extensive network and broad experience to deliver great results for clients.

  • Tenders 10%
  • Grants 40%
  • Coaching 50%

Kira Sweet

I’m Kira, and I’m all about crafting effective digital strategies that seamlessly transform engaging social media content into tangible sales results. I’m currently working at Vie Studio as their Marketing Strategist and loving the diverse range of activities I get to do in order to broaden my professional skill capabilities.

My education journey recently landed me a Bachelor of Communications and Media with a High Distinction average, with a major in marketing and a minor in social media. I was recognised two years in a row for my academic achievements by being placed on the Deans Merit List which congratulates students sitting in the top 5% of their cohort. I’ve soaked up a lot, and now I’m rocking the role of Blue Pie’s media specialist, adding my flair to the mix.

While I have a love for all things social media, my passion really took flight through my degree where I mastered TikTok. Here, I decided to turn my platform into a digital content portfolio to display my ability to make genuine, entertaining content that frequently reached viral levels of engagement. I managed to gather over 27,000 followers, building a strong community that offered me many paid opportunities and brand deals. Even though I’ve taken a step back from TikTok, I attribute a lot of my content creation skills to my time on this platform (@sweetlifeofkira if you’re curious!).

Now here’s a fun fact – even though I just graduated in late 2022, I’ve got six years of experience under my belt in the marketing game. I’ve been an independent content creator, producing content of all sorts of products and turning likes into real sales. I’ve also done my thing at digital agencies, like my time as a content creator and social media manager at Seller Central Setup – that’s where I really found my groove.

Within the Vie Studio team, you can catch me doing a bit of everything. Social media management, content creation, and I’m your go-to person for platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and YouTube. This multifaceted experience has fostered a sense of ease with diverse business platforms and tools, enabling me to rapidly adapt to new technologies.

Beyond the work buzz, you’ll find me loving the arts scene. Concerts, comedy shows, and theatre – count me in. My love for the arts reflects my enthusiasm for embracing and celebrating creative expressions. I’m excited to keep growing as a working professional in the marketing industry and to share this journey with you all!

  • Social Media 50%
  • Admin 50%

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RISE Business Accelerator

Last week Ki Media’s principal, Kate Ingham, spoke at the launch of the RISE Business Accelerator hosted by University of Wollongong.  Here is her speech: At the moment – Regional populations are growing by something like 16% – there’s a lot of movement going on in Australia at the moment. That means younger families moving – as they are being priced out of the metro markets, as well as your traditional retirees. Hi I’m kate Ingham and I did that shift some 11 years ago, after visiting here regularly through my childhood. I own a tech support business and am chair of a dog food company that we recently successfully raised capital through the crowdfunding platform Equitise. When you move to the regions, if you don’t have a traditional job description such as lawyer or accountant, you know you have to come up with your own employment solution. So there’s many people moving here with great professional networks, cashed up after selling in Sydney or Canberra and setting up as consultants. Or entrepreneuring a new business they may not have prior experience with – say in retail or hospitality. There’s also locals building side gigs to create new opportunity. Along with the more traditional manufacturing businesses – currently reinventing themselves as manufacturing moves back on shore. Prior to coming to this region I worked with a company that raised capital for startups. We secured the tender to deliver the NSW Innovation Advisory Service. So in my travels I came across businesses of all shapes and sizes, varying capacities and the eternal need for getting clear on their best business...

Project F – Increasing Gender Diversity in Tech

-Just worked with Project F on a funding application.   They assist companies achieve gender balance in technology teams.  Project F identifies and addresses the systemic barriers to achieving sustainably gender-balanced technology teams. Gender diversity is good for people, culture and profitability. Project F is working with Canva, Google, ABC, Lendi and  a whole range of other companies. 56% of women in tech leave tech mid-career – and it is not to have children.  With companies calling out for skilled IT workers – maybe addressing gender issues could be one  of their biggest productivity gains!...

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