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Kate Ingham

Managing Director.  Kate has a background in the film industry, government and innovation advisory.  She established Ki Media to offer path to money solutions for business, government and creative projects.  She is a specialist in grants, tenders and equity capital raising – including the pitch preparation and documentation required. Recent clients include a Telco,  Rights Management Company, Fund Manager, Council and International Marketing & Coaching company.  Kate is a trusted partner to deliver projects as required.  She draws on her extensive network and broad experience to deliver great results for clients.

  • Tenders 10%
  • Grants 40%
  • Coaching 50%

John Nicholl

John has over 30 years commercial experience advising clients on risk management issues to support the attainment of their goals.  He has a deep understanding of the start-up space and the multidimensional  issues that face entrepreneurs transition / making the leap from idea to reality.  Many years in the world of litigation experience triggered a passionate interest in an alternative dispute resolution. John has trained as a mediator at Bond University and has been involved in many mediations ranging from complex commercial rifts including building cases to  relationship break down to building disputes . His formal qualifications in accounting and law have been reinforced by decades of practical experience.

As a good communicator, goes straight to the main issue , advocates interest based outcomes over inflammation of positional friction.


  • Business Development 100%

Kira Sweet

Kira Sweet is our Gen-I content creator and Administrator.  UOW Commerce and Social Media student, Kira works with many companies developing compelling content for their social media and websites.

  • Social Media 50%
  • Admin 50%

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